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Landmann, Helen

The bright and dark Side of eudaimonic emotions: A conceptual framework Journal Article

In: Media and Communication, 9 (2), 2021.

Abstract | Links | Tags: admiration, appreciation, awe, being moved, elevation, Emotion, media, propaganda, radicalization, tenderness


Landmann, Helen; Cova, Florian; Hess, Ursula

Being moved by meaningfulness: Appraisals of surpassing internal standards elicit being moved by relationships and achievements Journal Article

In: Cognition and Emotion, 33 (7), pp. 1387-1409, 2019.

Abstract | Links | Tags: appraisal theory, awe, being moved, chills, Economic Decisions, elevation, pro-environmental behavior, values


Hess, Ursula; Landmann, Helen; David, Shlomo; Hareli, Shlomo

The bidirectional relation of emotion perception and social judgments: the effect of witness’ emotion expression on perceptions of moral behaviour and vice versa Journal Article

In: Cognition and Emotion, 32 (6), pp. 1152–1165, 2018.

Abstract | Links | Tags: anger, awe, contempt, context, disgust, Emotion expression, joy, moral decisions


Landmann, Helen

Third-party anger and being moved: An appraisal approach to moral emotions PhD Thesis

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2017.

Abstract | Links | Tags: anger, appraisal theory, awe, being moved, Economic Decisions, elevation, Emotion, Political Decisions, third-party anger